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Learning to Apply Ethics in Situational Decision Making 


Introducing a Free to All Educational Website 

This free to use educational website was based on Dr Shiva Sivasubramaniam's idea of providing a freely available portal to students, teachers/lecturers and professionals. The information and Youtube videos used in these pages are under Creative Commons Attribution, non-commercial (CC BY-NC). The author used freely available resources to produce case-study based learning and teaching tools. The website was developed in 2022, by his student, Mr. Dimitrios Kouroutsaltis, funded by student partnership in educational development programme of University of Derby’s [On-Campus Internship Scheme (OCIS)]

About the Website

This page aims to help students, lecturers, and teachers in learning/teaching the importance of ethics in situational decision making in different subject areas or professions."Ethics governs everything we do". A collection of real-life and fictional scenarios are provided to discuss, debate and decide how to apply ethics in those situations. These scenarios were collated  from different publications, videos and collections, all of which are fully acknowledged. Although many of these case studies revolve around medical ethics, a few examples from other fields are also given. Users are expected to use the thought provoking questions at the end of each video clips to learn about ethical scenarios, principles, and applications. Should wish further assistance, please contact the author who is happy to offer you free workshops. 


Ethical Scenarios

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Selected Work from Dr Shiva

Retrospective Analysis of Plagiaristic Practices within a Cinematic Industry in India – a Tipin the Ocean of Icebergs

Music plagiarism is defined as using tune, or melody that would closely imitate with another author’s music without proper attributions. It may occur either by stealing a musical idea (a melody or motif) or sampling (a portion of one sound, or tune is copied into a different song)...

Featured Ethics Spotlights

2022-07-26 (3).png

Ethical Consideration for COVID-19 Vaccination

While vaccines provide protection for individuals and communities against severe disease and death...


COVID-19: Ethics, Health and Moving Forward

As businesses, schools, families and individuals transition from shelter-in-place to the new normal, critical questions must be considered...

2022-08-08 (2)_edited.jpg

The power of diversity and transparency in decision-making

How many decisions have you made today? Decisions like reading this Ethical Spotlight article, accepting an invitation to a meeting...

Artificial Intelligence vs Academic Integrity 


Numerous open-AI writing assistants (software) hit the market in 2022 onwards and many users accepted these tools as innovative ways of simplifying their work. One of them being Chat-GPT, although people are using Chat-GPT  as a misnomer to represent all open-AI writing tools. These tools can (a) create long-form text...

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